Services offered at the Uffizi Gallery

Audio guides

Audio guides are available in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.
Cost for an individual set is € 6,00.


There are three museum shops, two near the entrance and another right before the exit from the museum.

You’ll be able to buy guide books in various languages before your visit, as well as souvenirs and objects inspired by works in the Gallery at the end of your visit.

One of the bookshops at the entrance is specialized in art publications for anyone interested in more detailed information on the works of art.

NOTE: Please stop and buy your souvenirs before leaving the Uffizi, as the Bookshop does NOT have a separate entrance and cannot be entered without valid museum tickets. So you cannot reenter the museum to access the bookshop after exiting.


The cloakroom is near the entrance. All visitors must hand in umbrellas, large bags and backpacks. No drinks are allowed into the museum, so these must be left in your checked backpack/bag.

There is no charge for use of the cloakroom.

The Uffizi terrace by the cafeteria

The Uffizi terrace over the Loggia dei Lanzi, by the cafeteria/coffee shop

Coffee shop/Cafeteria

There is a café which also offers restaurant service at the very end of the second floor, located on a terrace over the Loggia dei Lanzi and which looks out over the city and Palazzo Vecchio. We highly recommend a stop here even if you don’t wish to purchase anything to eat or drink.

Post Office

Near the Gallery exit, there is a small post office which provides normal postal services, currency exchange, mailing of any objects acquired at the museum shop and purchase of collectors’ stamps.

Uffizi by Touch Tour

Visitors with vision impairments or disabilities

Visitors who have vision impairments or full disability can still visit the Uffizi Gallery through the “Uffizi by Touch” tour. Read more details here.

For visitors with mobility impairments or disabilities

There are elevators/lifts near the entrance and exit. These are small so there might be a wait.

To gain access to the Uffizi with a wheelchair, you need to use the ramp on via della Ninna. Unfortunately, there is a small step a 3-4cm high. Assistance is recommended for going up the ramp in a wheelchair.

To enter the Uffizi, use the entrance #1 where you’ll find a ramp. This is the entrance for advance bookings, groups and individuals.
Entrance #2 is for advance ticket sales, there is a small step here.

A larger elevator/lift can be found beside the Buontalenti Gallery, going up to Room 38 of the Gallery. Please ask a member of staff to use it. This elevator/lift can also be used by any elderly visitor who is unable to use the steps at the exit, and is limited to small groups of 3-5 people.

Larger groups will have to come down either on foot or using the two elevators/lifts at the entrance.

In order to use the elevators/lifts, we recommend you mention this need to museum staff as you enter the gallery. You can also ask staff at the entrance for a wheelchair of a size suitable for the elevator/lift, should yours prove too large (there are 5 available at the museum, that is why you need to ask when you arrive).

The restroom with disabled access is found in the third corridor of the second floor, about halfway down. Please ask gallery staff for the key.

Access to external area and cafe/terrace

The portico can be followed right down to the Arno but it is only currently accessible from that ramp on Via della Ninna (there are steps around the entire portico). The Uffizi is under major renovations at this time to modernize the museum and improve every visitor’s experience – access by disabled will be improved in time. Work will continue for the next several years, so conditions and services will continue to change.

Access to cafe and terrace can be gained through the use of a stair lift – ask museum staff for help to use it.

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