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The New Exhibit “Norma e Capriccio” Opens at the Uffizi


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The new exhibit “Norma e Capriccio: Spanish Artists in Italy in the Early Mannerist Period” opened at the Uffizi Gallery on March 5th and will continue until May 26th.

The temporary exhibit is spread over 8 rooms on the first floor dedicated to the major Spanish artists that came to Italy at the start of the 15th century: Alonso Berruguete, Pedro Machuca, Pedro Fernández, Bartolomé Ordóñez and Diego de Silóe.

This is the first ever exhibit of its kind, showing the work of Spanish artists during their travels in Florence and Spain between 1500 and the 1520s. The show was born from a reflection attributed to Michelangelo who recognized the talent of the Spanish artists in creating works of art in the same style as Italian mannerism, which in turn was styled after works of ancient Greece.

During this period, admission tickets to the Uffizi include the exhibition (thus cost a bit more).

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