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Dinner at the Uffizi? With 15 Grand, Now you Can


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In the Red Rooms at the Uffizi, or at the Ammannati courtyard at the Pitti Palace, at the Silver Museum, at the Bargello, Accademia Gallery or Medici Chapels or even in the Vasari Corridor… how about hosting a dinner party in one of these settings? Or a cocktail party, concert or play? How about a fashion show or hosting a conference?

It is possible, and has been possible for the last 20 years, that local boards responsible for mainlining Italy’s most prized national treasures and monuments have been able to “rent out” historical and monumental spots to private parties, as long as the concession guaranteed the conservation of the monument and the use was “compatible” with its historical and artistic nature.

So what’s new? In Florence, the Polo Museale that governs State museums such as the Uffizi, Accademia and Boboli gardens is debating setting up an actual price list. Here’s some of the points in the list:

– visit the Uffizi and get it all to yourself on its day of closure to the public: €8000
– cocktail party: at the Uffizi, €5000; at the Boboli gardens in the Piazzale della Meridiana €7000, and €10000 for the Ammannati Courtyard at the Pitti Palace
– fashion show at the Costume Gallery at Pitti €20,000 or at the Uffizi for €150,000

Funds could go to cover museum activities, restorations and even general expenses in this day and age when funds are scarce.

The news come a few weeks after the City of Florence rented out Ponte Vecchio to the Ferrari who hosted a special dinner for Ferrari owners… while the bridge was closed off to everyone else.

For now, these are just proposals and nothing is set yet… what do you think? Should national monuments be available for rent? Should the state or city, tutors of these public treasures, offer them to those who can pay while denying access to others?


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