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Self-Portraits of Hungarian Artists in San Pier Scheraggio


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The temporary exhibition showcases 23 works of art from the Uffizi Gallery’s collection of self-portraits, many of which were bought at the end of the 18th and start of the 19th centuries, although there have been many more recent additions.

This particular exposition is dedicated to the memory of Miklós Boskovits, a well-know Hungarian art historian that passed away in 2011 who taught in Florence’s university for decades. It is also a recognition of the friendship between Italy and Hungary that is being celebrated this year with the larger exhibition being held at the San Marco museum. The exhibition is the result of collaboration between Hungarian and Italian art historians with a lot of research and interesting information being published in the exhibition’s catalog.

The first self-portrait that entered the Uffizi’s collection was that of Károly Markó senior, in 1872; the last, arriving in 2009, is that of János Urbán (1934-) who lives and works in Switzerland. The oldest portrait is that of János Kupeczky (1667-1740), who in the first era of Romanticism was considered the major Hungarian artist of the 17th century.

Janos Kupeczky, the oldest Hungarian self-portrait in the Uffizi's collection

The oldest self-portrait in the Uffizi’s collection by a Hungarian artist, János Kupeczky

The majority of the Hungarian portraits were donated to the Uffizi Gallery by the artists themselves.

Each of the paintings has its own story on how it came to be part of the collection, and by stopping by San Pier Scheraggio you will have a chance to learn some of them!


Uffizi: Self-Portraits of Hungarian Artists at San Pier Scheraggio
October 11 – November 30, 2013
Open Tuesday through Friday, 10am-5pm – Free entrance

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