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Free Entrance on First Sunday of the Month


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Following the Ministerial decree from July 2014, many State museums in Italy are part of the “Sunday at the Museum” initiative and this means that the first Sunday of the month entrance is free for everyone.

For the first few months, the Uffizi Gallery allowed the pre-booking of tickets online for these dates, but by November 2014, it was decided it was no longer going to do so, as it created a two-tier level of entrance on dates when everyone was to enter equally. This now means everyone has to stand in line to get a chance to visit the museum on this day. Expect long lines, given the popularity of visiting the museum on this day by both locals and visitors alike.

This means you cannot book the first Sunday of the month online AT ANY of the online ticket websites and it will seem as if the date is blocked out as it is for Mondays, when the museum is closed.

We confirm that the museum is OPEN and free on this dates, the first Sunday of every month for 2015:

January 4
February 1
March 1
April 5 (Easter Sunday; it is likely the Uffizi will be open the following day with a special opening, paid entrance)
May 3
June 7
July 5
August 2
September 6
October 4
November 1 (All Saint’s Day; again, likely museum will have special opening following day, paid entrance)
December 6

If you’re in Florence on this day of the month and you want to absolutely visit the Uffizi, we suggest arriving early but to also be prepared to be extra patient with long lines. To follow and maintain security protocol, the museum will only allow entrance up to a certain number of visitors; you have to wait for museum visitors to exit before more visitors are allowed inside.

As all of the city’s State and civic museums are free on that day, we suggest the option of visiting any of these other museums on that day and visiting the Uffizi on another when it likely won’t be as crowded.  Read more details on these additional museums here.

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