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Halls 2-7 Reopen After 9 months of renovations


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Yesterday, halls 2 – 7 which house 13th to 14th century Italian works of art reopened after 9 months of renovation works. The work that was carried out in these 6 rooms has been extraordinary, including the fact that the 3 “majesties” housed in hall 2 by Giotto, Cimabue and Duccio da Buoninsegna and Monaco’s Incoronation remained in the halls (due to their massive size) but with a special protective box especially constructed around them this entire time.


During these months of intense labor as the New Uffizi project proceeds, the halls received new lighting, both natural and artificial, and new air systems. The artworks have been better distributed to allow for a better reading and enjoyment of the works. With the reopening of Hall 1 last year, several works from Hall 2 had been moved to that new hall and this allowed the integration of a total of 14 “new” works in these rooms, coming from other Florentine museums and from the Uffizi’s own deposits. This includes the marvelous Madonna of Humility by Nicola di Guardiagrele at the top of this post, the only work known by this artist.


The new hall 6 dedicated to Lorenzo di Monaco.

Chief among the new elements visitors will find in the new rooms is that Hall 6 which was devoted to International Gothic art has now been divided into two rooms, Hall 6 now being devoted entirely to Lorenzo Monaco and Hall 7 now hosting Gentile da Fabriano and International Gothic where you can enjoy Gentile’s Adoration of the Magi set against a green background, the color chosen to represent the 15th century.


The new hall 7 dedicated to Gentile da Fabriano.

The information on all of the new halls will soon be updated, in the meantime we hope visitors will enjoy the new rooms and the chance to admire some of the greatest works of art from the 13th-14th centuries.

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