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“Uffizi Live”: Tuesdays at the Uffizi


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Up until September 27th, the Uffizi Gallery has organized longer openings hours every Tuesday while it offers a Festival of the Performing Arts called “Uffizi Live“.

The summer festival includes theater, dance and musical shows and concerts within the Uffizi’s rooms between 7pm and 10pm on these Tuesdays.

Visitors will thus have an extra plus to their evening visit at the museum on these days, having a chance to enjoy the pictorial and sculptural artworks of the museum along with other forms of art. The shows range from traditional performances to more contemporary and experimental shows.

(Above you see the Versiliadanza Ensemble who performed on June 14th an itinerant piece of contemporary dance across the rooms of the Gallery.)


On June 28th, the actress Stefania Stefanin, accompanied by the musical notes of Emma Nicoletti’s violin, re-evoked the Ovidian myth of Niobe and the massacre of her children, the Niobids, in the Hall of the Niobe.

The live performances are included with your museum ticket to the Uffizi and should transform a simple visit to the Uffizi into an extra special visit! Check out the program for July below (program for August and September should be released toward the end of the previous month):

Tuesday, July 5th:

The first Tuesday of July will offer a fascinating concert of medieval music and singing. The San Felice Ensemble, composed of five musicians and two singers under the direction of Maestro Federico Bardazzi, will play a selection of sacred and profane pieces of laude and contrafacta written by Francesco Landini, a Florentine composer and musician of the 14th century.

Tuesday, July 12th:

A double show for Uffizi visitors: a classical music concert and a theatrical performance inspired by the “mimic” method. In the Niobe Room, the young Stefania Scapin plays a solo harp piece directed by Maestro Michele Sarti called “Between Bach and Scarlatti”. Meanwhile, across the various rooms of the museum, actors from the Down Theatre Company will bring artworks to life by using mime movements, inspired by the acting method of the great Master of Drama, Orazio Costa.


Tuesday, July 19th:

The Antica Liuteria Sangineto presents “The depicted sound – musical instruments in the art of painting”, a project that mixes music and art history. The artisans of the Sangineto family will display the faithful reconstructions of ancient string instruments they have handcrafted by copying the original ones featured in paintings within the Gallery. The instruments will thus “relive” and play again, each one next to its depicted replica.

Tuesday, July 26th:

July ends with an original and unusual show: a performance of illusion and magic expressly conceived for the artworks of the Uffizi Gallery by Bustric, the Magician. Disguised as an odd night attendant of the museum, Bustric will talk about the artworks while accompanying visitors in a colorful, poetic itinerant tour through the rooms of the Uffizi Gallery.


Company Blu inaugurated the season on the last Tuesday in May with a contemporary dance performance entitled “4 Steps 4 Angel” by Charlotte Zerbey in the Niobe room.


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