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The Blue Rooms at the New Uffizi


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The first areas of the New Uffizi opened in late December and are dedicated to foreign artists. Located in the areas called “gabinetti” or studies, works of smaller dimensions from the 16th and 17th centuries by “foreign” artists are displayed, in particular works by Spanish, French, Flemish and Dutch artists.

Since these areas occupy a portion of the museum outside of the section built by Vasari, it was decided it was not necessary to continue to follow the Vasarian color scheme: grey sandstone and white walls. Instead, the walls here are BLUE!! Thus, accordingly, the new sections of the Uffizi are now being called the Blue Rooms.

A blue background seems to be very well suited to the works of art displayed here and, while it can cause quite a visual contrast passing into these rooms from the rest of the Uffizi collection, it is certainly the reaction hoped for. Bringing color into the museum which does not have to exist only within the works of art displayed!

We hope you enjoy visiting the new rooms – let us know what your impressions were!


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