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The Tapestry Gallery at Uffizi Gallery


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At the Uffizi Gallery up until June 3rd, 2012 and after 25 years of being hidden from the public, you can finally admire the enchanting tapestries that form the temporary exhibition now on called The Tapestry Gallery, Epiphanies of Precious Fabrics.
On exhibit, 17 beautiful and precious tapestries will take you on a journey through the past. These masterpieces were removed from the Uffizi Gallery in 1987 due to the fast degradation of the artworks: light, tensile stress and variation in temperatures made it necessary to move the works to a more appropriate room, at the time not within the museum. Soon, a dedicated room will be created with the ideal conditions for conservation of the tapestries while they are shown to the public.

The exhibition illustrates better than any book the time of the European courts during the Renaissance as well as the history of the Passion of Christ, of myths and the passage of the seasons.
Cycles of Flemish art alternate to ones of the Florentine School, famous worldwide today for its prestigious art of restoration.

We recommend you buy your Uffizi ticket online ahead of time to avoid any lines!!

Take advantage of the special opportunity to visit the exhibit free from April 14th up through June 2nd at these times: 9.30; 11.30; 14.30; 16.30.

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