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New exhibition rooms at the Uffizi: the Red Rooms


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On June 19, the Uffizi Gallery and its artistic itineraries will be extended again to offer its visitors nine new rooms rich in masterpieces and artworks of important artists.

The new rooms are located on the first floor of the Gallery and, together with the other 8 new Blue Rooms inaugurated in December 2011 (dedicated to foreign painters of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries), will integrate the “New Uffizi” project which aims to expand the museum’s visible collections and to a better distribution of the spaces within.

Since the new rooms have been under setup, several statues have been moved from their usual position in Hermaphrodite’s room (hall 17) to the first floor.
Among these statues we find: the Aphrodite or “The Bathing Venus” (Hellenistic art) and the “Gaddi Torso” ( Roman II BC) and the Spinario (Roman art) and the Roman Hercules (second century A. D.) which were early to be seen on the Western corridor. The artworks which were part of a path called “Uffizi to Touch” was conceived for the visually impaired and blind and will temporarily not be available until the opening of the new rooms is completed. But don’t worry, the wait will pay off as the new itinerary will offer a larger and richer selection of works of art.

Soon, four additional works from the Archaeological Museum in Florence will join the Uffizi’s Hellenistic sculptures, including the Niobe and a Head of Ariadne, Dionysus with a Panther and Citaredo Apollo. All of these will be found together in hall 56 right before entering the rest of the new rooms.

The nine rooms will be dedicated to painters of the sixteenth century, in particular to Tuscan Masters such as Andrea del Sarto, Bronzino and Raffaello.


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