Hall 90 of Caravaggio

The hall includes 3 masterpieces by Michelangelo Merisi, more widely known as Caravaggio, whose life was tragically ended at 39 years old in 1610.

The Shield with the Head of Medusa is impressive, lore says that the face is actually a self-portrait of when the artist was younger. Also very famous is the Bacchus holding his goblet of wine, with extraordinarily detailed particulars that make the setting come to life.

The Sacrifice of Isaac instead reveals elements the artist used often as a young painter who was the first one to represent in religious themed paintings such as this one, the realism of each of the objects portrayed as well as pathos expressed clearly, spontaneously and sincerely in the faces of the characters through the stark use of light and shadows.

Note: The images above document the old Hall 81 but all of the paintings in this area can now be seen in a new section of renovated rooms, halls 90-93. The move was made in summer 2013.

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