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Soon Buontalenti’s Tribune will be Visible Once Again


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The beautiful Tribune at the Uffizi Gallery will be reopen shortly, even though it will no longer be possible to go into the room :(.

The Tribune, an octagonal space in the West wing of the Uffizi, was designed by Bernardo Buontalenti in 1584 under commission by Francesco I of the Medici. It was to be the “room of wonders” and will reopen on June 26 after over two years of restoration work.

The restoration, financed by the non-profit Friends of Florence foundation, has seen the substitution of the old, worn out tapestries with a sumptuous red velvet as well as the cleaning of almost 6000 mother of pearl seashells that are decorative elements of the interior of the dome that crowns the Tribune.

The paintings that were housed here had been moved to Room 35 and with this week’s opening of another section of the New Uffizi, some of these have been moved there permanently. The Tribune will now host marble statues and some works from minor artists from the Renaissance, all of which at one time or another were exposed here in the past.

The Tribune will remain closed off to visitors, which allows the beautiful mosaic floors to be seen as well as protect them from the wear of feet. You’ll be able to look into the room from the front from the main corridor as well as from the sides, from the adjoining rooms 15 and 19.

The end of the works of restoration are in sight, and once again, we’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful sights the Tribune offers on our visit to the Uffizi: Enjoy!

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