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After a long period of renovation work, Hall 1 on the top floor of the Uffizi Gallery reopened today. The hall is to the right as soon as visitors arrive on the second floor at the sart of the First Corridor; from today, the hall hosts 9 paintings from the second half of the 12th […]

On Monday June 2, the Uffizi Gallery will have an extraordinary opening given the holiday and the large amount of visitors to Florence during the 3-day weekend. The museum will remain open following its usual hours, from 8:15 am to 6:50pm. Enjoy the holiday!

Visitors to the Uffizi this morning might not have known as they visited but the five rooms (halls 19-23) that immediately follow the Tribune have just been re-opened today after an extensive renovation. The five rooms, called the “salette” in Italian, are now dedicated to masterpieces from Italian artists from the early Renaissance in the […]

Until April 12, if you visit the Uffizi Gallery on Saturday afternoons, you can join in a short free tour of the “yellow” rooms, halls restored and open to the public a few months ago as part of the New Uffizi project. The visits are at 2:30pm, 3:30pm and 4:30pm of the rooms dedicated to […]

If you’re in Florence this April 12 – and it isn’t the first time you visit the Uffizi Gallery – you could join in onto a different type of visit to the museum, a SLOW visit on Slow Art Day. If you’ve never heard of Slow Art Day, don’t worry as the global, all-volunteer event […]

Starting tomorrow, March 25, visitors will have almost 100 days in which to enjoy a very special temporary viewing at the Uffizi Gallery of several works inspired by Leonardo da Vinci in a room normally closed to the public, the Room of Geographic Maps. From March 25 through June 29, 2014, the Room of Geographic […]

Nascita di Venere - Botticelli

All visitors to the Uffizi Gallery should expect to see some form of nudity or other in the classical Roman and Greek sculptures as well as paintings, from Botticelli’s Birth of Venus to Titian’s Venus of Urbino. This past Saturday, visitors to the Uffizi got an unexpected display of nudity, inspired precisely by Botticell’s masterpiece. […]

As part of the celebrations in commemoration of the 450th year since Michelangelo’s death, the Uffizi has opened up 2 more rooms under renovation for the last year as part of the New Uffizi project today February 17. A much more enjoyable way for all who visit the Uffizi to celebrate over a one-day commemorative […]

As work continues on the New Uffizi project, workers came upon human remains under the reading room of the Uffizi Library, right next to the Piazza del Grano. Over the last few months, scientists on the now archaeological site have determined there are about 60 skeletons from the 5th-6th century. The findings reveal an important […]

Starting February 11 and running until April 29, 2014, if you visit the Uffizi Gallery on a Tuesday you can also add on a special, free guided visit to the extraordinary Contini Bonacossi Collection. You do need to reserve your spot, as the guided visits of an hour long are limited to a maximum of […]

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